I look for the expression of the inner world of the artist, trying to reach what is really inside our bodies and our souls and translate it into a theatrical form. Intense emotions, horror, but also fascination for nature and beauty. The expression of life. For this reason we need to stay strongly connected to our intuition and our creative state. This creative state which I also define as ”creative anarchy”.

                                                                                                                             Carla Roisin Behal. extract from Thesis: From the visible into the supervisible.

Nonsense: “ El sinsentido”

Sentido” in spanish means “senses” like physical perception, “direction” as a target in space, and also means “meaning”. “Sin sentido” means “without sense”, what we can formulate as: “absurd”, or “nonsense”.

Mime is a beautiful and artistic attempt to understand the world, and yet it seems that it is all impossible to decode. The only way to understand the world is through my own person, my own experience, therefore, through my senses. I fail to understand the concept of freedom, life, death, love or violence with words. But I know exactly the feeling when I experience it myself, when happiness seeps through the pores of my skin and nothing else matters. The sublimation of my senses. Then everything becomes so meaningful, and at the same time, doesn´t make sense at all, there is a stop in time. I feel the nonsense. Or when death suddenly arrives and takes away someone I loved , at that time I understand death in every object, in every look, in every sound. Death then is everywhere, and fills my body with nonsense. It is from this “nonsense” how I can be able to understand what life is, and what art is. It seems ironic that I dedicate my life to understand the world and only achieve it when it ceases to be understandable.”

Carla Behal 2013 About theatre and mime

Beckett said “Im using the words you taught me, if they don’t mean anything, teach me other ones. Or let me be quiet.”


There is not a mirror. We dont look at ourselves through the mirror, we look into each other´s eyes. Then what you see its not maybe me right now, it can be me from the past times, maybe a thousand years ago. Then maybe my body is not my body anymore, but I experience your body in my body. I´m not thinking about a movement, but the movement happens from within. Then I look at myself, something has changed. Why am I in this particular shape at this moment. I might not understand it, I look into your eyes so maybe you can explain it to me. You also don´t know. Actually your body has also changed. I take a breath in, and wait. And I listen, I listen to the sounds around me and inside me. I listen to the sound of emptyness, the sound of silence. There is so much sound in the nothingness. Its like a boiling water, or an engine working at high speed. The sound is travelling in the space, reaching through my body to other bodies. Then I let a deep breath come out, and I let go. My sternum sinks and all my body breathes out, my skin breathes out, I see the smoke coming out from my skin, from my finger tips. The smoke is travelling in the air, in the room, the smoke is dancing around. We don´t need to dance, it is already happening around us. I stop again. I listen to the sounds. I look at my shape. My body is moving, but I´m not moving it, I just observe it happening. I´m a witness. It´s like a puppet. There is another presence witnessing, but not judging, shape is not important, movement is not important. I step on the floor, and there is an energy sinking on the floor, reaching deep on the floor, I am massaging the floor, and the floor is not ending under my feet, there is an impact happening in the whole room. I breathe out and I start breathing out from my feet, my sternum sinks. At the most unexpected moment my sternum raises up again to the ceiling, its not my arm reaching to the ceiling, my sternum, my lungs, my ribcage moves up. My legs dont start in my hips, they start from the sternum, I have long legs, they can move. I have long arms. I have long hair. I even have a long tail, it also moves in the air. My long hair moves in the air, it´s like a wave.

Today I met Fara from indonesia. She is a beautiful woman. She is a photographer. She likes to capture a present moment. She likes to capture people working, people resting, just beings, objects you forgot to look again because you already saw them once. She likes to capture people´s eyes. For some reason my eyes were always closed. But I´m still in the picture.”

Carla Behal. Summer 2011, Amsterdam.

” Through music is awaken our historic eye . As a great artist and colleague Sieger Baljon said: “I have millions of years, and you all have millions of years.” Music is the dance of the spirit, and through dance the body is free, the man is free. The man exists. And when the man is there, anything is possible, because everything is within the man. He is powerful. He posseses all the powers of expression and creation within. (reference to David Lapoujade essaie: The body can not take anymore, the potency of the body of Beckett).”

Carla Behal. About mime and theatre. 2013