”I could have been a terrorist

I could have been a lover

I could have been an artist

Which is almost the same”

What constitutes a society? Who invented geopolitics? Do institutions run themselves? And if not, who does? In Anthem Carla Róisín Behal asks herself why the world is coming to an end, and if there is not still a way for positive change. Dealing with the concepts of hope, survival, and the lost paradise, she microscopically researches her own environment, up to a point where even the divine is not safe. A performance of mime and music, with a crash course for happiness, a terrorist revolution, 3D-glasses, and a guy called Ken.

concept/performance/music:   Carla Behal

advisor: Sanja Mitrovic,  Rob de Graaf

thanks to:   Loes van der Pligt,  Sieger Baljon, Driek Voskens

special thanks to: Yogi Tea, Marilyn Manson, Tom Waits, Obama