Violence is like water, it kisses my lips, touch my skin

Carla Róisín

Violencia(The trilogy) is a performance project around the concept of violence, inspired on own and collective experiences from terrorism, and the contradiction between horror, pain, and the fascination on how violence can sometimes be beautiful. I studied the physical and social mechanisms of violence, and also through my body, based on physical imputs and stimulations, to research the principles of it, and how to use them in theatre.

A movement study based on structural violenceSilent violence, the violence existing before the violence. When the intense calm at sea announces the arrival of the storm. The body is about to explode, but the surface remains quiet and peaceful. Pause, breathing, motion, circular, grow, struggle, pause, listen, wait, no time for pain, action, strength. How long can a man be a man when he is being threatened?

In this research I combined the study of the mechanisms of violence and how it affects the body, and inspirations extracted from eastern movement principles like traditional Korean and Japanese dance. The result is an expressionist esthetic with oriental motives.

Concept/performance/music:Carla Behal

Some Of My Writings (making process – 2013 )

Violence is like water
It kisses my lips, touch my skin
The tragic and comedy
Our wild circus
We need violence in the world to exist
Please, give us your violence!

We need people to die to understand why others are still alive
We need more people to kill each other to be able to feel
to feel the sorrow to feel the guilt to feel the pain
that strange feeling on my lips
shot me in the brain
so i can tell you how it feels
i want an abortion of imagination
because these images are obsolete to me
Im nobody

Violence is beauty
And maybe we can make you laugh, of fear.

Like when you fall in love.

The only violent thing I saw today is the wind

The wind is violent
It blows and screams at my window
takes away your life in one blow
No pity
whatever is slow is not violent, is cruel.
But cruelty is of another nature to violence..
Wind is not evil. Its just wind.


  • 5/6 October 2012: Violencia part 1, solo performance. De Theaterschool, Amsterdam.
  •  April 2013: Violencia part 2, solo performance. De Theaterschool, Amsterdam.
  • June 2013: Violencia part 3, performance directed by Carla Behal. Performed by Isadora Tomasi, Gale Rama, Sindy Toppenberg, Rizza Statia, Clara Saito.