This work  is presented in the zee containers progamme of the Festival in NDSM werf: OverHetIj 2015 (

At NDSM werf Amsterdam Noord

NDSM werf

Posthuman: All that glitters

”I am Posthuman, this container is my time-travelling spaceship, the audience is welcome to visit me and show me their universe. These people from this world, who still have humanity in their eyes… But I don’t. I want to capture their eyes…”

I still remember how we used to look at the stars. How we used to look into each others eyes.

”I am a Posthuman. In my world everything is graphic, informative and very colourful. Everything reminds me of you, and if you’re not here, it does not matter, I’ll meet you in the cloud. We look at the night sky, we look at the stars, they still have their secrets. Secrets that will not fit in my memory. I do not need a memory any more. Everything floats and is shared by millions. My memory is not mine. It is not your memory. Forget it! Just look at the stars with me. Millions of stars.

Silence. We are capturing! We are capturing eyes.

I lost my eyes. That was long time ago, I still remember how we used to look at the stars.

All that glitters is gold. All that glitters is gold.


Concept/regie: Carla Róisín

Spel: Carla Róisín, Sayaka Akitsu, Francesca Lazzeri, Loes Schaap

Muziek and live electronics: Stephan Raidl

Productie-techniek support: Driek Voskens